Digital Leadership Pedagogy is the driver……….technology is the accelerator


Broken Bay recently hosted 2015 EduTech keynote speaker Eric Sheninger for a one day workshop on Digital Leadership

Eric is seen here with St Leos Wahroonga teacher Kim Prosser, herself an enthusiastic facilitator of contemporary technologies to enrich HSIE learning experiences for her students.

Some of the key themes that Eric Sheninger emphasized in his presentation included:

  • Putting learning, student growth & achievement as the core priority
  • Developing students’ sense of agency in their learning
  • Using social media to promote and publicise student learning
  • Putting pedagogy as the driver……….using technology to accelerate learning shaped by good pedagogy.
  • Evaluating the quality of learning experiences using technology based on pre-determined standards- and the production of artifacts of student learning. Rigour/relevance framework
  • If not a learning reason then no technology

What kind of leadership is needed?

  • Digital leadership is not another kind of leadership- it uses technology in smart ways to extend influence
  • Look for people with the same vision and… resource them to extend their influence. Get the right people on the right seats on the right bus.
  • IT must serve the learning, saying yes more often
  • Be entrepreneurial- tell the stories of great learning.
  • Leaders get rid of obstacles that hold people back from flourishing
  • Keep asking………would you be a student in your school?
  • Use the language of ‘embracement’ rather than ‘buy in’
  • Model the way……with technology

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